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Meopta MeoPro 3.5-10x44 BDC

1" Riflescope Series

These riflescopes not only outperform the biggest names in the business, their impressive performance rivals glass costing two to three times more. 

Built in the USA to the highest manufacturing standards each MeoPro series riflescope hits its mark - delivering maximum performance and outstanding value. 

From the OutdoorLife magazine "Great Buy" award winning 3-9x42 to the highly versatile 4-12x50 to the long range perfection of our 6-18x50 - a MeoPro riflescope gives a hunter the scope of his dreams at a price that's well within reach. 

You can bet our glass on it.

MeoPro 3.5-10x44

Extra range and twilight confidence.

The Bright and sharp with smooth operating and robust mechanics the new MeoPro 3.5-10x44 gives the hunter a little more objective size and a lot more confidence during twilight hunting hours. MeoBright ion assisted lens multi-coatings deliver maximum light transmission and sharpness in every lighting condition and our MeoShield coating protects exposed lens surfaces from abrasion. 

The new MeoPro 3.5-10x44 is ready for a successful hunt. 

The MeoPro 3.5-10x44 riflescope features reticles in the second focal plane.  

Reticle placement in the second focal plane means that as you increase or decrease magnification, the apparent size of the reticle remains constant.


  • MeoBright - A proprietary ion-assisted lens multi-coating applied to all air-to-glass optical surfaces. Developed by Meopta, 
  • MeoBright ion- assisted multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections and delivers an industry leading 99.8% light transmission per lens surface.
  • MeoShield - MeoShield  ion-assisted coating protects external lens surfaces and delivers enhanced resistance to scratching or abrasion in extreme conditions. 
  • MeoShield meets military specifications for durability and surface hardness.
  • MeoTrak II Elevation and Windage Control - MeoTrak II posi-click finger adjustable windage and elevation turrets deliver precise, 1/4 MOA (0,7cm / 100m) click adjustment with superior repeatability, unparalleled tracking capability and ultimate accuracy. 
  • Positive tactile and audible clicks ensure accurate zeroing and adjustability in the field.
  • MeoQuick - MeoQuick fast-focus eyepiece rapidly brings your target into sharp focus and provides extra diopter travel to accommodate a wider range of visual acuity variations.
  • Lens Components - Individual lens components are meticulously ground and polished in-house and precisely matched for superior performance.
  • Erector System - Developed to provide maximum holding force to withstand heavy caliber recoil and eliminate backlash, resulting in repeatable accuracy and zero hold.
  • One Inch Main Tube Construction - One piece, aircraft grade aluminum 1" main tube is "ELOX" hard anodized for an incredibly durable, scratch resistant, non-reflective matte black finish.
  • Waterproof - All riflescopes are 100% guaranteed waterproof, submersible and are fully protected against humidity, rain and snow.
  • Fogproof - All riflescopes are purged and sealed with inert Nitrogen gas to provide 100% guaranteed fogproof performance.
  • Shockproof - All riflescopes are 100% guaranteed shockproof to withstand impacts and heavy caliber recoil.



This reticle enables shooters to compensate for the amount a bullet drops over a particular distance. 

Markings below the reticle's center indicate the expected impact point at a given distance, with lower markings showing the expected impact point at longer distances. 

The amount of bullet drop at a given distance depends on the type of firearm and ammunition being used. 

The following guidelines indicate the approximate bullet drop for a center fire hunting rifle such as a .30-06 or 270 at the highest power. 

However, testing at a range is needed to more precisely determine how much bullet drop to expect at a given distance for a particular firearm. 

The BDC reticle markings assume that the rifle has been sighted in at 100 yards on the highest power. 

Therefore, bullet drop at 100 yards, indicated by the reticle's center, would be zero. 

Provides accurate holdovers for 200, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 yards out. @ maximum magnification.

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