Hog M48 .30 cal Silencer 18/1


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Hog range of silencers for use on all calibers from .22 up to .458.

The unique modular design makes the product configuration very flexible and easy to clean.

The length of all models can be altered by adding or removing segments to suit conditions.

Both the M48 and M38 are available in a Reflex or standard model.

All Hog silencers are machined with CNC equipment ensuring constant precision.

High grade aluminium and high tensile steel is used to ensure a very durable product.

The modular system ensures a very low weight in relation to internal volume.

The aluminium components are anodized for wear resistance.

The level of sound suppression and recoil  reduction is dependent on caliber and load. All HOG Silencers are configured for specific calibers by means of baffle core size.

Our ongoing research and development and implementation into production gives us an edge on the competition.


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