Lynx LX2 5-20×50 M20 Gen2


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50 MOA Elevation Adjustment with Zero Stop

The adjustment controls are precise, each click is distinctly felt and moves the point of aim precisely 1/4MOA. The zero-stop mechanism is simple to engage and returns with absolute accuracy to your predetermined zero-elevation position. All markings on the adjustment controls are bold and highly-visible, making them easy to read even if your eyesight is less than perfect.

MOA@20 Illuminated SFP Reticle

MOA20 reticleFifteen hash marks, 1 MOA apart with magnification set to 20x, facilitate versatile and simple aiming off points. The 2.5mm thick @ 20x reticle lines are fine enough to use for long range target shooting but are still visible with less than perfect eyesight. Depending on range conditions, distance to target and visibility the centre of the reticle can be used either in a conventional manner as a 1 MOA floating crosshair or to bracket an area of the target.

At 20x the reticle lines subtend 2.5mm at 100m, which is fine enough for accurate shot placement without being too difficult to see, and fifteen indicator markings, evenly spaced 1-MOA apart, run along the full length of each crosswire from centre. The unobtrusive ranging scale inset at the top of the reticle provides a quick and accurate means of ranging a 20cm gong or target from 200 to 500 metres. In poor light the reticle can be green-illuminated using the eleven-step brightness control which is mounted on the eyepiece at 45°.

Big, Easy-To-Read Controls With Distinct 1/4 MOA Clicks

LX2 5-20x50 M20 Gen2 Windage / ElevationThe over-sized windage and elevation adjustment controls have large high-contrast white-on-black lettering that are easy to read in poor light with a minimum of visual clutter.

Each click adjusts the point of aim +/- 1/4 MOA (8 mm @ 100) and each full turn of the control adjusts 10 MOA.



Low power High power
Actual maginification 5.21X 19.6X
Objective lens diameter 50mm
Exit pupil 10mm 2.5mm
Actual field of view (degrees) 3.65 0.97
Resolving power (seconds) 10 4
Diopter adjustment +/-1
Pupil position (mm) 96 103
1 click movement ( MOA ) 0.25
Moving amount UP/DOWN (MOA) +/-50
Moving amount LEFT/RIGHT(MOA) +/-50
Reticle tilt ( degrees )
Image movement by recoil shock 1
Recoil resistance 1000 G
Heat & cold resistance from minus 17 to plus 80 degrees
Airtight Equivallent to 0.3H
Total light transmission 0.94
Total scope length 353mm
Weight 800 grams
Lens coating Fully multi coating (light transmisson 99.7% per lens surface)
Nightrogen gass filling
Lens element 8 group & 12 elements


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